Our Architectural Design service responds to the needs and aspirations of our customers, trying to give shape and meaning to the various space challenges that the projects involve.

The ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTIONS we offer are the result of a process of multidisciplinary collaboration, which focuses on developing better design alternatives through an integrated quality approach.

As architects, we needed to cover and give the best answers to your needs; so we include the stages of feasibility and market research, the preliminary studies, the draft, the development of the construction plans and the delivery and implementation of the final project.



We offer Consulting services in all fields pertaining to design and construction in order to help our clients find the appropriate architectural solutions for their projects, business goals and spatial requirements.

SOLAR advises and supports organizations of all kinds seeking to optimize their real estate portfolios to effectively respond to the architectural, urban and environmental present and future needs.

We also create consulting SOLUTIONS that promote alternative work strategies through a rational use of resources and the search for unique high-value proposals. For this we rely on a true understanding of the overall market benchmarks and the best construction practices.



SOLAR supported an engineering team who advises the project with the design of all structural, electrical and mechanical systems as well as environmental and topographic variables pertaining to it.

Our creative process integrates a number of social, environmental and economic concerns, so our engineering solutions seek to increase occupant comfort, optimize energy efficiency and reduce project costs.

SOLAR various teams use the latest tools in order to fully collaborate with the customer to maintain a vision of assertive design, creating high-performance environments and more profitable projects.



We create interior spaces that enhance comfort, functionality and visual quality of the environment as our team recognizes the value of a great interior design and special effects generated by a good proposal on the welfare and productivity of the user.

At SOLAR we ensure to concrete spaces which inspire occupants and effectively respond to the aspirations of our customers. We use the space, color, textures, materials and light as tools to create healthier and efficient environments that improve performance and spatial quality.



SOLAR customers have offered multiple opportunities to develop “more with less” by reshaping and preserving existing buildings through planning, design and construction strategies, commissioning operations, maintenance, and occupancy.

We offer SOLUTIONS in restoration and renovation of residential and commercial spaces in order to help customers by improving their business or lifestyle through transformation of dilapidated architectures into pleasant and habitable environments.



At SOLAR our professional team covers all stages of management, planning, administration, and control of construction projects.

Our belief in the inspection, monitoring and management work is aimed to satisfy customer requirements and concrete a functional, viable and economically successful project.

More than 20 years of experience in the field of construction and a constant study of materials and construction techniques allow us to offer detailed plans and budgets for each stage of work in order to guarantee our customers the transparency and trust that their investment required.



As the market moves towards a sustainable economy and a sustainable quality of life at SOLAR we work to project viable and friendly architectural solutions with the environment.

Therefore, we focus on designing “green” buildings that help our customers to develop reduction strategies, mitigation and compensation of the effects of construction in the carbon footprint, operating costs and environmental impact in general.



SOLAR has extensive experience in the assessment, appraisal and expertise projects. We focus on valuations of both urban and rural, buildings, property, location of farms, feasibility studies and topographic surveys.



We offer solutions in three-dimensional representation using 3D software and multimedia tools with the highest visual quality. SOLUCIONES ARQUITECTONICAS S.A. offers a wide range of architectural drawing, digital modeling, rendering, visualization and 3D animation.



SOLAR offers services on graphics and product design that communicate the essence and values ​​of your project and in turn create consistent visual experiences to current media needs.

We produce various corporate identity programs for marketing purposes including logos, stationery, brochures, posters and web designs that have allowed SOLAR conceptualizing visual exhibition products in numerous restaurants, shopping centers and housing developments.



We are consultants and realtors. SOLAR will advise and assist you to purchase, sale, lease and develop your real estate project seeking to be reached with a personalized service. Our target goes focused on locate or acquire the real property you desire in the way to locate or develop it on the national or international market.

We have a large database of properties that support our work and allow you to access lots, villas, estates and residential properties, commercial, industrial, office or for investment character. In turn, we support you in direct legal procedures with the buyer / seller and the required public or private banks.



As part of the vision and the goal of providing you a quality service at SOLUCIONES ARQUITECTONICAS S.A. we care about implementing the best technology to make feasible the development of your project. Thus, we include the video and photo service area using a Phantom 2 Vision Drone equipped with a full HD camera.

At SOLAR we apply ourselves to take from above the best views, plans, perspectives, constructions, properties, estates, lots, residences, condominiums or buildings in order to meet their needs, exposure, development, marketing, sale or rent.



At SOLUCIONES ARQUITECTÓNICAS S.A. we focus our work on turning your ideas and digital projects into fully HD images and visual realities. So we decided to implement a print, plot and cut department that gives the best results on printing banners, small and large format billboards, roller – ups, brochures, magazines, flyers and any type of item that allows an excellent position for your brand in the domestic market.

SOLAR has the latest technology, a personalized first hand service and the best price versus quality conditions that will ensure a consistent result with your highest printing, plot and cut expectations.



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