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Founded in October 1993, SOLAR was born by its founder, Arch. José Cordero Diaz who has served as director and general coordinator of the company after a hard work of consolidation and projection in the field of architecture, construction and management of a considerable amount of assessments and appraisals.

Over the past 20 years since its establishment, the office has been involved in more than 100 consulting projects in various parts of Costa Rica, both the Central Valley and in the Peninsular area of ​​Guanacaste. Residential and recreational housing, commerce, industry, offices, and hotels have been part of the projects that make up the vast professional experience of SOLUCIONES ARQUITECTÓNICAS S.A.

In 2013, SOLAR reinvents its image, its outlook and goals under a new concept and a new range of services in consulting and construction that combines the expertise of more than 30 years in the industry with the professionalism, energy, and fresh ideas of a young team that comprehensively promotes the development and introduction of improved design proposals, renewed products and an openness to the real estate market and real estate.


An offer of professional services in the field of design, architecture and construction in an innovative and effective way in order to develop proposals and solutions that meet the current market needs at national and international level through the optimization of tools and the available resources.


Achieve an active participation in the development of architecture with responsible, innovative, rational and high quality proposals according to the socio-cultural and environmental needs of today, through the integral implementation of technologies applied to design, constructive systems and proper management of the resources.


SOLUCIONES ARQUITECTÓNICAS S.A. is a company committed to the quality of life of citizens in social and urban dimension so we developed ideas and proposals that allow people to live better and opt for better spatial conditions associated with culture, education, the environment and community life.

Social Action

SOLAR is committed to be an active agent in society that implement various initiatives with various communities and Municipalities in both counseling and development of specific projects.


With a strong commitment to build sustainable cities, SOLAR is focused on initiatives that help to reduce the environmental impact of building materials and systems which support sustainable construction processes, enabling improved management of water and energy by facilitating and implementing environmental compensation measures.

In turn, the office bets by the LEED certification of its team as well as the constant training and preparation in environmental issues of its professionals through their participation in courses, seminars and lectures such as:


-USGBC LEED Core Concepts 201

Quality politics

We are a team committed to the quality management system and inspired by values ​​such as:

Transparency: We are committed to providing the best service in an ethical manner, always looking for the opening and confidence for the development of your project as intervention axes.

Service: We conceive the service as the primary directive of the office in order to optimally meet the needs of our customers and ensure the consolidation of your project in the short, medium and long term.

Efficiency: We use the time, resources and available tools in an assertive manner, searching for the best SOLUTIONS that support the design, construction and development of your project.


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